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The International Black Doula Institute is pleased to present the first "Baltimore Doula Retreat. This retreat was originally known as the "The Atlanta Doula Retreat". 

This retreat is a combination of multiple trainings and classes offered together as a three day in-person workshop. Virtual options are available at the same cost. 

The Baltimore Doula Retreat will include: $795

1.) Pregnancy & Childbirth Doula Course: All of our courses are geared towards black maternal mortality and addressing disparities within communities. With black birthing people being 4-5 times more likely to die from pregnancy and birth related complications, "The International Black Doula Institute" has formulated a one of kind curriculum that will teach current or aspiring birth workers how to adequately provide support and education to families throughout pregnancy, labor, birth and early postpartum transition. This 12 hour course will teach about the anatomy and physiological changes affiliated with pregnancy and childbirth, stages of labor, medicated/unmedicated births, surgical birth, challenges and complications of pregnancy and birth, informed consent, maternal mortality statistics, advocacy, doula communication and professionalism, labor and delivery medical procedures, hospital equipment and supplies, anatomy of the placenta, and start-up of a birth business. At the completion of this course, all trainees are required to pass the doula exam to receive certification. Trainees will receive "certificate of completion" and will earn credentials as a "Certified Pregnancy & Birth Doula". 

2.) Postpartum & Newborn Doula Course: All of courses are geared towards black maternal mortality and addressing the disparities within communities. The  Postpartum Period  is known as a very critical period for a birthing family. 75% of maternal mortalities after childbirth are due to sepsis, infection, and severe bleeding. "The International Black Doula Institute" has formulated an intense postpartum and newborn doula training program that will teach about the complications and challenges black families face during the postpartum period and how to provide all-inclusive support that will address the disparities and contribute to a safe, healthy transition into parenthood. This 12 hour course will teach about physiological changes affiliated with the postpartum period, baby-led initiation, postpartum nutrition, advocacy during the postpartum period, postpartum pain management, healing and recovery process, postpartum complications, mood disorders and postpartum depression, care of the newborn, holistic birth control methods, and postpartum belly binding. No exam is required for this training. Trainees will receive "certificate of completion" and will earn credentials as a "Certified Postpartum & Newborn Doula Specialist"

3.) Placenta Encapsulation Training: Placenta Encapsulation is the process of cleaning, steaming, dehydrating, grounding, and putting into capsules. This two hour course will review the anatomy and types of placentas, the benefits of placenta encapsulation, the encapsulation process, sanitary measures, supplies and blood borne pathogen training. Trainees will receive "certificate of completion" and will earn credentials as a "Certified Placenta Encapsulator"

4.) Lactation/Breastfeeding Class: Black birthing people are nine times more likely to be offered formula while birthing in hospitals as opposed to given adequate breastfeeding support to enhance a successful breastfeeding journey. Doulas should have a basic understanding of how to offer knowledge and support throughout a birthing person's breastfeeding journey. This four hour class will teach about the benefits of breastfeeding, black breastfeeding disparities, the history of black breastfeeding, types of milk, pumping and storage, latching and positions, and breastfeeding complications. This class will be taught by a Certified Lactation Consultant of DMV Birth Doulas, LLC. Trainees will receive a "certificate of completion" of a breastfeeding course.

5.) Doula Business Strategy Class: After taking a doula training workshop many doulas struggle to find clients and are unaware of how to start a doula practice. This two hour strategy class will review the start-up basics and teach about the path of growing your doula practice with social media content and strategies, hashtags, SEO building, keywords, networking, client acquisition, and doula directories. 

6.) Mentorship: At the completion of this workshop and passing of the birth doula exam, all doulas will receive access to "The International Black Doula Institute's" Birth and Postpartum Doula Mentorship Group on Facebook for three months. In-person mentorship is available to doulas within 30 miles of Baltimore County, Maryland. At the completion of the mentorship program, all doulas will recieve a "certificate of completion" of mentorship with the CEO/Founder of DMV Birth Doulas. 

7.) Chef Services: All trainees will receive a full-course meal during the 3 day workshop which includes, breakfast, lunch, and snack. These meals will be catered by a local Professional Baltimore Chef. Dessert options will be available. 

Doula Retreat Training Costs $795

Payment Plan Options are Available $397.50 for 2 months


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