Pregnancy & ChildBirth Services

Childbirth doula services has a focus towards decreasing maternal-infant mortality rates and better birthing outcomes for individuals and couples.


In the United States, black birthing people are now 4-5 times more likely to die from pregnancy and postpartum-related complications. 75% of maternal deaths are due to chronic diseases, sepsis, severe postpartum bleeding, and infection.

Doula services will help educate pregnant people on their options through pregnancy, during labor, and at birth, which will enable the ability for birthing people to make informed decisions.

About Service

 Our pregnancy and childbirth doula support is geared towards addressing the disparities within the black community and decreasing the maternal mortality rates. Our childbirth doula services are all-inclusive and include childbirth education, pregnancy, childbirth doula support, and lactation/breastfeeding support.


We support births in all environments including hospitals, birthing centers, and at home. We specialize in unmedicated births, medicated births, VBACs, high-risk pregnancies, and IVF Couples/Surrogates. 

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Benefits Of Service

According to Evidence-Based Birth, continuous support from a doula throughout pregnancy and birth can decrease maternal mortality rates, decrease c-section rates, traumatic birthing experiences, and obstetric bullying. Pregnancy is such an exciting and cherishable time for the birthing person and labor and birth should be filled with empowerment, integrity, and advocacy.

Pregnancy is such an exciting and cherishable time for the birthing person and labor and birth should be too. Preparing for labor and birth will increase the birthing person’s ability to advocate during prenatal care, labor, birth, and postpartum transition; understand the body’s ability to give birth, and the options available during labor and birth. Our pregnancy and childbirth doula services include:


  • Virtual or In-Person Prenatal Sessions

  • Childbirth Education Services

  • Nutrition & Exercise Counseling

  • Prenatal Counseling 

  • Breastfeeding Support

  • Labor & Birth Support

  • Virtual or In-Person Postpartum Visits

  • Womb Health

  • Unlimited Physical & Emotional Support

  • Chiropractic Care

Childbirth Services


I am so thankful to have found Nikita and Jamie from DMV Birth Doulas to be part of my birth care team. When I reached out to Nikita for an interview, I felt an instant connection and was impressed by her credentials. She has experience within the best of both worlds: holistic and knowledge of the medical model; which was important for me to find in a care provider. Nikita provided a comprehensive package of emotional, mental, and physical support combined with pregnancy/childbirth education. I felt much more at ease towards the end of my pregnancy and had a better understanding of what to expect at my doctor appointments and L&D. She has a strong advocacy background, which was another variable on my wish list, as I was desiring someone that could speak up for me when I was unable to in a medical/hospital environment that tends to not listen to womxn, especially womxn of color. Jamie was my backup doula as well as my lactation consultant. Jamie has a wealth of knowledge on all things breastfeeding. She provided me with education before I gave birth and offered me support during my postpartum visits, which allowed for more effective latching techniques. 

-Leiora K.