Research shows that continuous one-on-one support from a doula, monitrice, or midwife can decrease the need of cesareans and improve birth outcomes. With black women being more likely to die than their white counterparts, they can benefit from this support, not just those having an out of hospital birth.


For those who are planning a hospital birth, WE offer doula and monitrice services to provide this same level of one-on-one care as out-of-hospital. 

What's a Doula & Monitrice?

According to The Black Doula Training, LLC

"A doula is a trained non-biased professional offering support throughout all walks of life that may require advocacy." 

A doula provides mental, emotional, informational and physical support to reproducing individuals and couples to help achieve the healthiest, most satisfying experience possible. As doulas, we not only work with you, but we work with your family too. We teach them how to help you prepare for the big day and how to effectively support during labor and birth. 

A Monitrice, is a birthing professional who blends doula support with additional training in clinical labor support. A monitrice will monitor you and your baby while you are laboring outside of the hospital to ensure labor is progressing normally. 

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Benefits Of Doula & Monitrice Support

Once you arrive at the hospital, the monitrice will continue to support you as a doula while you birth under the care of your doctor or midwife. Monitrice support is valuable for anyone who desires to labor at home before heading to the hospital. In particular, first time parents and those planning a Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) benefit from the extra time and training a monitrice can provide.

Our goal is to help you feel confident and prepared for birth!


From the time you hire us, you are able to contact us by phone, email or text to provide updates about your pregnancy or if you have questions or concerns.


We're happy to provide you with evidence-based information and resources to help you achieve the healthiest outcome.


Hospital-Based Support Includes: 


  • Two prenatal visits. One visit at 28 weeks and one at 36 weeks. At these visits, we will discuss your worries and fears, create a birth and postpartum plan, review hospital policy and procedures, review risks, benefits, and alternatives of common procedures, comfort measures, and more,  

Childbirth Services


Nikita helped me deliver Judah during COVID and I must say it was way better than my last two experiences being in the hospital.

With the mortality rate being so high for black women who give birth in hospitals, I’m a huge supporter of at home births with the proper watch of a doula or midwife. I loved my experience birthing Judah at home. I'm thankful for Nikita and her credentials! 

Sara W.