Frequently Asked Questions

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A doula is a trained non-medical professional who provides emotional, mental, and informational support to families throughout all journey's that may require advocacy and education. Midwives offer medical care to pregnant people throughout pregnancy, birth, and postpartum within the midwifery scope of practice.  Doulas and Midwives collaborate to provide comprehensive care, education courses, strategies, and modalities to help prepare the family for labor, birth, and postpartum.

What is the role of a doula?

Doulas provide a wide range of support to the family that may include: 

  • Advocacy: Knowing how to ask questions and understanding choices relevant to your care 


Benefits Of Service

The benefits of yoni steaming is: 

  • Improves the menstrual cycle

  • Heals the womb after birth, surgery, or trauma

  • Detoxifies the womb

  • Make sex more juicy and pleasurable for you and your partner

  • Helps increase fertility

  • Speeds recovery after birth