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DMV Birth Doulas offers upscale one-on-one fertility care and support to you, your partner and donor/surrogate. The care and support provided is rooted in bodily autonomy, evidence-based statistics, and preparing the body for pregnancy. It's tailored to meet your needs and will align with established fertility goals or plans. 

We have experience supporting individuals and couples with the following challenges: PCOS, Endometriosis, Fibroids, and Heavy, Irregular Periods.

About Service

Initial Phone Consultation 

The Chief Midwife Apprentice will conduct an initial phone or zoom consultation to review your history, goals, expectations. 

In-Person Appointments

Whether at our luxury office in Ellicott City or in the comfort of your home, you can expect all appointments to be face-to-face with your preferred provider. 

Unlimited Referrals & Resources

It takes more than just support of a doula to begin your fertility journey. Sometimes other holistic providers can help you prepare for pregnancy. 

Written Fertility Plan

I will help you to create a written fertility plan to optimize your chances of conception and maintaining a viable pregnancy. 

Family Planning.jpeg

Reproductive Health is an essential start to preparing for pregnancy and childbirth, including care of the vagina, uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes. Removing toxins from your body and incorporating a healthy balanced diet, will help you optimize your chances of becoming pregnant and contribute to the wellbeing of your reproductive health.


Our reproductive services include: 

  • ​Reproductive Health Anatomy Class

  • Three In-Person Visits w/you, your partner and donor/surrogate

  • Nutrition Consultation

  • Referrals & Resources

  • Unlimited Virtual Support

  • List of Recommended OB's & Midwives

Reproductive Health


Fertility (Natural or Medical)

Fertility 2.jpg

Medical Fertility is the process of conceiving with the help and support of IVF or IUI treatments. These fertility treatments may be necessary for many reasons including infertility, same-sex couples, or surrogacy. Receiving information, education, and expert support as you go through your fertility journey can help you reduce fear, anxiety, and even cope with a loss if a cycle fails.


Our medical fertility services include:


  • Unlimited Physical & Emotional Support

  • Doctor’s Visits and Appointments

  • IVF/IUI process and education

  • Loss Support

  • Referrals and Resources as needed

  • Chiropractic Care

Natural Fertility is the process of becoming pregnant without the use of birth control or medical treatments. There are many steps to becoming pregnant and you may want to ensure your mind, body, and emotional state is prepared for pregnancy. Being stressed or unhealthy while trying to conceive can increase the risk of genetic disorders, fetal growth restrictions, and possible miscarriage.


Our natural fertility services include:

  • Holistic Fertility Counseling

  • Natural Fertility Methods

  • Chiropractic Care

  • Nutrition & Exercise

  • Healing Modalities

  • Emotional & Physical Support

  • Loss Support

  • Referrals and Resources as needed

I was trying to conceive for 18 months prior to hiring DMV Birth Doulas for fertility support. We hired Nikita for Natural Fertility support and after two months we found out we were pregnant. From the moment we had our consultation, I knew Nikita and DMV Doulas was the perfect match for me and my husband. We've hired Nikita and her DMV Birth Doulas Team again to assist us with the arrival of our child. Thank you so much for your passion and commitment. We highly recommend her!

-Vanessa C.

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