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DMV Birth Doulas, Homebirth Support

DMV Birth Doulas offers Homebirth Preparation & Support to individuals and couples interested in the out-of-hospital experience. We offer doula, birth assistant, and monitrice services. 

Homebirth Preparation Class

We offer Childbirth Education class specifically for individuals and couples who do NOT want the support of a birth doula, but would like to learn comfort techniques, what to expect during labor, and how to manage and cope with each stage. You'll learn how to purchase your homebirth kit, rent birth pool, prepare your home for birth and postpartum.


Does DMV Birth Doulas offer Midwifery Services?

No, we do NOT offer Midwifery Services. However, we work closely with Monika Karasoman CPM of Atlhea Midwifery. 

Am I able to birth at-home?

If your pregnancy does not include any high-risk factors and is uncomplicated, you're able to birth at home. Complications can include blood pressure, diabetes, or significant history for pre-term labor. 


Do you provide a list of Homebirth Midwives

Yes. We provide a list of Homebirth Midwives to established clients of DMV Birth Doulas. 

How much is the cost of homebirth?

In the DMV, the average cost of Midwifery & Homebirth services is $6000-$8000. Most insurances will not cover the cost of homebirth but may reimburse for specific services relevant to your care such as ( prenatal visits, education classes etc.)

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