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 In the United States, 7 million people suffer complications following surgery each year, including at least 1 million deaths, many of which are preventable.


Pre-Operative and Post-Operative Support with DMV Birth Doulas refers to clinical care, support, and education provided before and after your surgical operation.


The aim of preoperative and postoperative care is to do decrease post-surgical complications and fatalities while increasing the success of the surgery and promoting a fast and healthy recovery.

We provide clinical care and support for the following procedures;

Trans-masculine Surgery, Myomectomy, Hysterectomy, Cesarean Section, Salpingostomy and Salpingectomy,

Abortion, D&C, D&E, & Tubal Ligation

About Service

Initial Consultation
The Chief Midwife Apprentice will conduct an initial phone or zoom consultation to review your history, goals, expectations. 
Pre-Operative Visit
This visit will take place in the comfort 
of your home. During this visit you can expect Nikita to provide you with education about your specific procedure, what to expect in the recovery period, and how to prepare. 
Post-Operative Care & Support
These visits will take place in the comfort 
of your home. During this visit you can expect Nikita to provide support such as vital signs, ADL's, meal preparation, light housekeeping, recovery care, and nutrition counseling. 

I hired DMV Birth Doulas and was excited to be paired with Nikita, the owner of my post-op doula services. First, I had not heard of such a program but I was intrigued after researching doulas. I had an abdominal myomectomy which resulted in a multi-day hospital stay and six weeks of recovery. Nikita provided me with much-needed education. Even though I LOVE my OBGYN, Nikita told me things that my doctor failed to. When it was time for my pre-op appointment my doctor was shocked and pleasantly surprised by my knowledge and informed questions. Best yet, when I returned home, Nikita met me and my wife and she cooked a week’s worth of hearty and delicious meals to help in my healing process. I truly feel that her assistance led to a quick recovery process. My wife and I are now about to start our fertility journey again and we will be hiring Nikita for doula services very soon! If I could give more stars I would!

-Ashley L.

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