3 Surgical Instruments used During Vaginal Births in Hospitals.

Preparing to birth inside a hospital can add lots of anxiety and stress during pregnancy, but it doesn't have to be that way! I've been a doula for about two years now. Before becoming a doula, I worked side-by-side with Nurse-Midwives and OB Doctors as an OB Surgical Technologist, A Surgical Technologist specializing in Obstetrics & Gynecology assisting with vaginal births, cesarean births, and emergency hysterectomies + D&C's. As a doula and an OB Surgical Tech, I educate my clients on the birth environment in hospitals and what to expect. Today on the blog, I will discuss four instruments used by Nurse-Midwives & OB Doctors after vaginal birth.

When a birthing person is laboring inside the hospital, once she reaches a certain amount of centimeters, the OB Nurse requests the OB Tech to set-up a Sterile Vaginal Delivery Table. Though vaginal birth is not sterile, L&D Maternity Units follow Universal Protocols by using Sterile equipment and supplies during the birth of a baby to decrease the chances of infection. Here are the names of a few instruments.

Kelly Clamps: Are curve-shaped instruments used to clamp your baby's umbilical cord after delayed-cord clamping. First, the plastic cord clamp is placed about an inch from the baby's abdomen, followed by two clamps on the umbilical cord, and the use of scissors is used to cut between the clamps. The clamp helps stop bleeding from the blood vessels in the umbilical cord. You or your partner will follow these instructions from your provider if you anticipate cutting your baby's cord!

Episiotomy Scissors: Braun-Stadler Episiotomy Scissors are used to perform episiotomies during labor and delivery if the baby is stuck and needs to be delivered immediately. This typically happens during a Shoulder-Dystocia, after vaginal delivery of the head, the baby's anterior shoulder gets caught above the mother's pubic bone. A doctor or Midwife will cut the area between the vagina and anus (perineum) during childbirth. An episiotomy makes the vagina's opening a bit wider, allowing the baby to come through it more easily.

Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder: Needle holders are specialized hemostat tools used to hold the needles during surgical operations and to suture.

Needle holders help in suturing by clamping the needle firmly. This is typically used after your baby's birth if your provider finds a perineal tear that may require a few stitches to help with bleeding and vaginal reconstruction.

My doula agency provides a unique collection of services to help families prepare for the hospital environment and what to expect. It would be best if DID NOT BIRTH INSIDE OF HOSPITALS without childbirth education and support from a Certified Birth Doula. Evidence has shown decreased anxiety, fear, and unnecessary medical treatment when receiving help from a birth doula. Visit our website to learn what all DMV Birth Doulas, LLC offers for your birthing experience.

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