Prenatal & Postnatal

 In the United States, black women are more likely to suffer from chronic illnesses during pregnancy and after birth. Growing evidence supports that exercise during pregnancy will help facilitate a normal vaginal delivery, provide comfort and relaxation to the birthing person and growing fetus and decrease diagnoses of Gestational Diabetes, Hypertension, and Obesity.  Exercise after birth will support healing of pelvic floor muscles, strengthen the abdominal muscles and provide treatment for individuals with diastatis recti.

About Service

Our prenatal and postnatal exercise fitness guide will provide an holistic approach that is safe during pregnancy and after birth. Our goal is to help you optimize the chances of a normal vaginal birth and help you stay fit during the postpartum period. 


Benefits Of Service

The benefits of exercising during pregnancy and after birth include:

  • Ability to avoid unnecessary medical interventions

  • Facilitate a normal vaginal delivery.

  • Decrease chances of chronic illnesses such as diabetes and pre-eclampsia

  • Decreased postpartum pain

  • Fast postpartum healing a recovery

  • Weight loss

Tysheena's curriculum helped me stay fit during the postpartum period and allowed me to self treat my umbilical hernia safely without needing surgery

Laura J.