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DMV Birth Doulas, LLC is the First Black-Owned Full Spectrum Doula Agency Located in Owings Mills, Maryland.

Our team of doulas service the entire DMV and travel up to 100 miles from Baltimore County, Maryland.

Our services include, Family Planning Services, Childbirth Education, Prenatal Counseling, All-Inclusive Doula Support,

Postpartum Services & Placenta Encapsulation.


Family planning allows individuals and couples to achieve desired birth spacing and family size and contributes to improved health outcomes for newborns, infants, children, birthing people, and their families. DMV Birth Doulas supports people's decisions about when or if they would like to have children by offering education, counseling, and natural birth control methods.


In the United States, evidence shows Black women are four-to-five times more likely to die from pregnancy related complications while birthing in hospitals than any other race. Our pregnancy, labor, and birth doulas are group of maternal-infant health medical professionals, with extended training and experience as holistic birth doulas. We use our Labor & Delivery knowledge, training, and experience combined with doula skills to adequately prepare and educate families preparing to birth.  Together we have over 25 years of experience supporting families in hospitals, birth centers, and at home. Our team of doulas specialize in unmedicated births, medicated births, high risk pregnancies, and cesareans. We have experience with plus size births, VBAC's, twins/multiples, and  IVF/IUI Couples. 

Mother and Baby


The "Fourth Trimester Experts" are an essential part of the team. They are knowledgable on how to provide non-judgmental support, teach evidence-based information related to postpartum recovery and transition, and recognize the early signs and symptoms of postpartum depression, baby blues, and postpartum-related complications such as postpartum infections, postpartum bleeding and postpartum preeclampsia. Our experienced postpartum doulas offer support immediately after birth through baby's first year. 

Mother Baby Bonding

Certified Lactation Consultants

According to statistics, Black women are nine times likely to be offered formula as opposed to adequate breastfeeding support while birthing in hospitals. If you desire to breastfeed, whether birthing in a hospital, at home, or a birth center, our team is committed to providing compassionate, evidence-based breastfeeding support. Our Lactation Consultants are Certified by an approved training program with years of experience working inside hospitals and local commmunities. 


Childbirth Education Classes

Childbirth Education is an essential part of preparing for birth. If you are birthing in a hospital, at home, or in a birth center we have the essential information to build your confidence in your body's ability to birth. DMV Birth Doulas, has several childbirth education options to fit your birth plan, whether you are desiring an unmedicated birth("Natural Birth'), medicated birth (birth with the use of an epidural), or a planned Cesarean. 


Doula Training Program for aspiring doulas. 

Become a Doula

With the Maternal Mortality Rates at an all time high, our communities need more educated and passionate black birth workers in communities to offer a wealth of knowledge and support while navigating the systematic healthcare systems.  DMV Doula Institute is an independent Doula Training Organization founded by the CEO of DMV Birth Doulas, LLC. Our training program offers Pregnancy & Childbirth Doula Training, Pospartum Doula Training, and continuing education for doulas birth workers desiring to advance their skill set as a doula. 


Placenta Encapsulation

Our practitioner will encapsulate your placenta within 24 hours of giving birth. Ingesting your placenta in pill form has many benefits which include increase in milk supply, decrease in anxiety and mood disorders, restoration of iron levels, and decrease in postpartum bleeding. 

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