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Addressing Maternal Disparities One Family At A Time

Through Education, Advocacy, and Empowerment


Our Mission 

DMV Birth Doulas is a prestigious black-owned practice in Howard County, Maryland providing collaborative medical and holistic care throughout Fertility, Childbirth, & Postpartum. 

Our approach to fertility and birth care is holistic and evidence-based, providing unparalleled support and empowerment to families before and during the childbearing year through expert doula care that is both compassionate and culturally congruent. We prioritize patient education and support, empowering families to take an active role in their healthcare decision-making and fostering a culture of transparency and trust.


Our practice specialize in IUI, IVF/Surrogacy, Homebirth, Hospital Birth Rights, & Traditional Postpartum Medicine & Care. Our black midwifery students/doulas have over 20+ years of experience supporting Natural Births, VBAC's, Inductions, Cesareans, Epidurals, Homebirth & High Risk Pregnancies. 

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Get Doula Support

Home Birth

When considering a home birth, it is essential to have adequate support in place to ensure a safe and comfortable experience. Home births offer the advantage of being in familiar surroundings, supported by a midwife, our group of student midwives + one of our skilled doulas.

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Natural Birth Support

Whether you are anticipating a natural birth experience at a birth center, or at the hospital, we will help you and your partner create a custom plan in combination with our Natural Birth Classes + strategies and modalities to help you mentally, physically, and emotionally prepare for birth without an epidural. 


VBAC Support

Desperately looking for a provider to support your VBAC or VBA2C? Our experienced doulas will support and provide VBAC-friendly providers while helping you navigate the biases of a trial of labor.  We've helped many families reclaim their power by providing evidence-based research and strategies to encourage spontaneous labor. 

High Risk  Support

Having a high-risk pregnancy doesn't mean doula support won't be valuable to your pregnancy & childbirth experience. Our high risk doula support provide unlimited prenatal counseling and education on how to manage and maintain a safe and healthy pregnancy until delivery

Family Planning

Planned Pregnancies are shown to improve maternal and infant health, risk status during pregnancy, labor, and birth while decreasing the risk of complications after birth. We understand the emotional and physical challenges of infertility and strive to provide a comprehensive range of services and support to help our patients achieve their family-building goals.

Medicated Birth Support

Although many people around the world have a successful vaginal delivery with the use of pain medication during labor, it is still an Intervention that may require other interventions. Our medicated birth support will help you manage early labor at home, understand the cascade of interventions and  the risks and benefits of  epidurals, and ways to avoid a c-section. 


Pre & PostOp Support

Preoperative & Postoperative Support is provided to help you and your spouse prepare for the surgery, receive education on what to expect before, during, and after. We prepare you and your family  mentally and physically, while easing any anxiety. Postoperative support is designed to help you recover from surgery and receive education and support such as wound care, nutrition, etc.


Postpartum & Newborn Support 

With patience, understanding and support from a Trained Professional, your family can adjust and flourish with the addition of your new baby. Our services typically include day or overnight newborn services, placenta encapsulation, breastfeeding consults, and education on infant nutrition and care. We offer short-term and long-term contracts.

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