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Research shows that continuous one-on-one support from a trained and experienced doula, monitrice, or birth assistant can increase unmedicated vaginal births, successful medicated births, breastfeeding and improve birth outcomes.


With people of color women more likely to die than their white counterparts, we specialize in helping them to navigate medical bias such as Advanced Maternal Age, Obesity, and IVF Pregnancies, and high-risk diagnoses such as Gestational Hypertension, Gestational Diabetes, Pre-eclampsia, and Cervical Insufficiency. 


Whether you are planning an unmedicated birth, medicated birth, or cesarean birth at the hospital, DMV Birth Doulas has the competence and skills to help you follow through with your goals. 

About Hospital Doula Support

Initial Consultation

The Chief Midwife Apprentice will conduct an initial phone or zoom consultation to review your history, goals, expectations. 

Hospital Based Childbirth Education

This two part education class can take place in the comfort of your home, our office in Ellicott City, a small intimate venue location, or on our virtual  HIPPA certified EHR system with an approved educator. We educate our clients based upon birth preferences and create an emergency plan.

Postpartum & Infant Feeding Class

The postpartum period also known as the fourth trimester, is a sacred time after birth for you and your newborn baby. This education class can take place in the comfort of your home, our office in Ellicott City, a small intimate venue location, or on our virtual  HIPPA certified EHR system with our approved educator. We educate you and/or your partner about postpartum complications, recovery, and infant feeding options. 


Pain Management Class

Whether you are anticipating a natural birth or interested in pain medication, this pain management class will help you to explore your options and make an informed choice. This class is an at-home visit conducted between 36-37 weeks. 

Labor Support at Home

If you desire to labor at home, Nikita can provide doula and clinical support such as vital signs, and fetal heart tones at your request. If you would like doula support only, Nikita will help with positioning, hydration, movement, and coping strategies before hospital transition. 

Postpartum Home Visits

To take place in the comfort of your home or in the hospital (under special circumstances). If the visit is conducted in your home, this will happen on or after your discharge date within 24 hours. During this visit, you will receive an Initial Lactation Consultation, Newborn Care, Meal Preparation, and support based upon your needs. 

Hospital Births our Practice Supported

Hospital Support

Our goal is to help you feel confident and prepared for birth!


From the time you hire us, you are able to contact us by phone, email or text to provide updates about your pregnancy or if you have questions or concerns.


We're happy to provide you with evidence-based information and resources to help you achieve the healthiest outcome.


Hospital Doula Support Includes: 


  • Laboring Support

  • Birth Room Ambiance

  • On-Call Support

  • Partner Education & Support

  • Back-up Doula Support

  • Advocacy & Hospital Birth Rights


Nikita helped me deliver Judah during COVID and I must say it was way better than my last two experiences being in the hospital.

With the mortality rate being so high for black women who give birth in hospitals, I’m a huge supporter of at home births with the proper watch of a doula or midwife. I loved my experience birthing Judah at home. I'm thankful for Nikita and her credentials! 

Sara W. 

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