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Thanks for booking a virtual doula consultation

DMV Birth Doulas offer phone and zoom consultations. All prenatal visits, education classes, and birth attendance will be in-person.

Cancellations & Rebookings

Your consultation may be canceled or rescheduled if a client is in labor or scheduled for a procedure. Please book the appointment with the name of the pregnant patient. If your consultation form is not completely filled out or is not the correct information of the pregnant patient your consultation will be cancelled and/or rescheduled. No refunds will be provided. You're welcome to reschedule your appointment using the link below. 


How much is a virtual consultation? 

All consultations are $20. You have the option of phone or zoom. We do not offer in-person consultations.  

Who will I meet during the virtual consult?

During your 20 minute consultation, you will meet with the Chief Midwife Apprentice, Doula, & Director of Client Care - Nikita Johnson. 


What can I expect during the consult?

The director of client care will speak with you and your partner/donor/surrogate about your goals and expectations of support with DMV Birth Doulas. 

Who can schedule a consult?

If you are looking to start a family, preparing to give birth, or need help with postpartum - schedule a consult with us today!

What happens after the consult?

After your consultation, the director of client care will send over our list of packages, pricing, and a copy of the contract if you are interested in moving forward. 

How long after the consult do I need to make a decision about hiring you?

We average 6-7 consults per week. We encourage you to reach out to us no later than 48 hours after your consult to ensure of availability. We are unable to hold slots without a signed contract and deposit. 

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