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A doula offers support throughout all walks of life that require advocacy

Meet Nikita!

Owner & Founder. Prominent Hospital Birth Rights Doula.

Director of Holistic Medicine. Midwife Apprentice.

Out-of-Hospital Birth Specialist

Nikita Johnson is a 3rd Year Senior Midwifery Apprentice at Charm City Midwives located in Pikesville, MD. She is currently studying under a Certified Nurse Midwife at a homebirth midwifery practice. She has formally studied under Midwives Monika Karaosman at Althea Midwifery in Berlin, MD, and Maureen McIver in Westminster, MD. She is enrolled at the National College of Midwifery pursuing her Associate's Degree in Midwifery and is expected to graduate in December 2024.


Nikita has many years of hospital-based labor & delivery experience as a Certified Obstetrics Surgical Technologist and has retired from that role after 6 years. She has been a highly regarded hospital birth rights doula in the DMV since 2019. She also has a prominent reputation for advocacy and helping her patients navigate the toxic Western Medicine Health Care System. As a result, patients aim to have the birth they desire while ensuring optimal safety based on their medical care plan and evidence-based statistics. She is a Doula Trainer & Mentor for The Black Doula Training, Writer for Healthy Mom & Baby Magazine Powered by the Nurses of AWHONN, & Board Advisor for Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

She specializes in IVF/IUI and Infertility Conditions, Gyn Wellness, Home Births, Hospital Births, Unmedicated Births, Births with epidurals, VBAC's and High Risk Pregnancies. Individuals and couples working with Nikita benefit from her multi-skilled background and experience. She has been attending births since 2014 and has attended over 350+ births. 

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My skill set is unique and vigorous. I do not sell you a dream or an experience. I incorporate my OBGYN medical background and Midwifery expertise into doula support to ensure families understand the holistic and medical options related to fertility, birth and beyond. My goal is to ensure birthing people are informed, educated, and feel confident to advocate for themselves throughout pre-conception, prenatal care, labor/birth, and postpartum period. 

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Meet The Team


Diedre Grace-Burrell
Office Manager

Diedre has been the Office Manager here at DMV Birth Doulas since 2021. She has a bachelor's degree in Business Administration.  She coordinates with the CEO, patients & other assistant team members with scheduling, education classes and patient acquisition process. 


Latia Dandridge 
Assistant Director

Latia is a 3rd Year Midwifery Apprentice at Del Ray Midwifery in Alexandria, Virginia. She is a trained Birth & Postpartum Doula with Doula Trainings International. She specialize in supporting Postpartum Families as they transition into Parenthood. She has special privileges to support births at INOVA FairFax Hospital.


Shanice Henry
Lead Doula Assistant

Shanice is the Lead Doula Assistant for Nikita, CEO. She is a Certified Registered OBGYN Medical Assistant and Certified Birth Doula through The Black Doula Training. Her goal is to become a midwife and support her community. She has special privileges to support births at Sinai Hospital of Baltimore.

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Cierra Hall
Director of Education

Cierra is a Registered Nurse specializing in OBGYN. She was a former OB Surgical Technologist before transitioning her roles. She is the Director of Patient Education and is rep

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