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Nikita is a Primary Midwife under Supervision at Kenyetta Midwifery, a sister business to DMV Birth Doulas. She is under the direct supervision of Monika Karaosman, CPM and offers Midwifery Care, Lotus Birth, & Water Birth. 


Does DMV Birth Doulas offer Midwifery Services?

Yes! DMV Birth Doulas offers Midwifery Care as Kenyetta Midwifery in Collaboration with Monika Karaosman at Althea Midwifery, a Certified Professional Midwife. 

Am I able to birth at-home?

Home birth requires a lot of mental and emotional preparation. Anyone who can overcome their fears related to childbirth and empower their journey with determination, will be a great candidate for homebirth. In addition to maintaining a low-risk pregnancy. 


Do you provide a list of Homebirth Midwives

Yes. We provide a list of Homebirth Midwives to established clients of DMV Birth Doulas. 

How much is the cost of homebirth?

In the DMV, the average cost of Midwifery & Homebirth services is $6000-$8000. Most insurances will not cover the cost of homebirth but may reimburse for specific services relevant to your care such as ( prenatal visits, education classes etc.)

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