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DMV Postpartum & Newborn Care involves normalizing the postpartum period while supporting your choices. We offer compassionate care of the birthing parent as they physically recover from childbirth while keeping a close eye on your emotional, physical, and mental recovery. 

We are confident that we can bring your family balance, structure, peace of mind, and a plethora of resources to help you through the most important transition of your life.

About Service

Initial Consultation
The Chief Midwife Apprentice will conduct an initial phone or zoom consultation to review your history, goals, expectations. 
Prenatal Visit before Birth
This prenatal visit will take place in the comfort of your home at 37 weeks to help you and your family prepare your home for birth. 
Initial Consultation

Nikita has been offering additional support via postpartum visits. Having someone who has been part of this journey and then can provide aftercare support to my kiddo while I get a full night's rest has been amazing. I highly recommend DMV Birth Doulas and will be using them again in the future!

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Placenta Encapsulation 


The postpartum period begins immediately after the delivery of the placenta. During this time the body will start the process of returning to the non-pregnant state causing hormone levels to drop, milk to form in the breasts, and the uterus to shrink in size. All of these changes can cause an increase in postpartum mood disorders, stress, and fatigue. Postpartum support can increase a positive and thriving postpartum transition. 

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